How Many Eggs Can You See? Picture Puzzle Answer

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how many eggs puzzle

“ How Many Eggs Picture Puzzle ” is a very confusing puzzle all over the internet for some time. It keeps on trending on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you are able to visualize it perfectly from all sides, you will be able to give the correct answer to this tricky puzzle. Can you visualize and comment your answer below?

This puzzle is many times asked on the Edukators Club Instagram Page but some of the time, people failed to answer it correctly. So, we decided to explain to you this puzzle answer.

Please, Read full article to understant answer of this puzzle perfectly.

Important For You

What is the answer of this eggs pyramid puzzle?

How Many Eggs Can You See Picture Puzzle
How Many Eggs Can You See Picture Puzzle
  • There are 30 eggs in this picture puzzle.

We come to know the answer to this puzzle but we don’t try to understand why the answer is 30?

Let’s try to learn and understand the answer to this puzzle.

Starting from the Top Level

There is only 1 egg in the image on the top level.

In the Second Level

There are 2×2 = 4 eggs.

It means that there are two eggs on the front side and two more eggs on the backside. Okk, That’s why there is one egg upward.

In the Third Level

There are 3×3 = 9 eggs.

This means there are nine eggs to support upward four eggs.

In The Last/Base Level

There is 4×4 = 16 eggs.

This means that there will be sixteen eggs to support upward nine eggs.

Final answer :

Now, We will total the number of eggs at every level.

So, from the Top Level to the Last/Base Level,

1+4+9+16= 30

So, The correct answer to this puzzle is 30 Eggs.

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Look at this image to understand it properly !!!

How many eggs can you see puzzle

I hope that you may have understood. If you have still any doubts, comment below. We will definitely reply to you and try to resolve your doubt.

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Q. What is the answer to the “ How Many Eggs ” puzzle?

Ans : 30 Eggs

Q. How many eggs can you see puzzle answer?

Ans : There are 30 eggs.

Q. What is the correct answer to “ How Many Eggs Picture Puzzle ”?

How many eggs can you see puzzle many eggs can you see puzzle Answer

Ans : Look at the image carefully to understand it properly.

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5 thoughts on “How Many Eggs Can You See? Picture Puzzle Answer”

  1. There are two questions to answer: How many eggs do you SEE in this photo? Answer: 16
    How many eggs are in this photo? Answer: 30

  2. Presuming they are real eggs and can be stood on end with no help, it’s possible to have a 3 sided pyramid, a triangle.
    How many are SEEN compared to how many eggs it takes to construct are two individual questions. So, to formulate it as a construction, one would need more information.
    A 3-sided pyramid, triangle would be 19 total to construct. We SEE only 13 total eggs and in some cases a white egg is shown, so one could say they see only 8 white eggs (with shadows, of course).
    It’s definitely a coffee table discussion.

  3. Your answer is incorrect. The question is how many eggs can you SEE.
    The answer is 16. You are making an assumption that the entire pyramid is made up of eggs. How do you know that? Again, even there are 30 eggs you can only see 16.


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