Guess The Weight | Cat Rat Dog Puzzle

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Guess The Weight 2
Guess the weight puzzle | Cat Rat Dog Puzzle

Guess The Weight Cat, Rat, Dog Puzzle is one of the most viral puzzles on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. In this puzzle, there is a picture with cartoons of Cat, Rat, and Dog. We have to guess the weight. We can also say that we have to find the weight of Cat Rat and Dog. So many people think. It is too difficult to solve this puzzle.

But this is a very easy puzzle. We can solve this puzzle in a few minutes. Let us reveal the answer with a proper explanation.

Cat Rat Dog Puzzle Answer

The answer to Cat Rat Dog Puzzle is 27 KG

First, let us see what we have —

In the first case, We have Rat + Cat = 10

In the second case, We have Rat + Dog = 20

In the third case, We have Cat + Dog = 24

In the last case, We have Cat + Rat + Dog = ?

Now, We have to find the last case value.

Therefore, We will add First Case, Second Case, and Third Case

(Rat + Cat) + (Rat + Dog) + (Cat + Dog) = 10 + 20 + 24

Then, Rat + Rat + Dog + Dog + Cat + Cat = 54

So, 2Rat + 2Dog + 2Cat = 54

Then, 2(Rat + Dog + Cat) = 54

Now, 2 is multiplying on Left Hand Side. We will send 2 on Right Hand Side and divide 54 from 2

Finally, Rat + Dog + Cat = 54/2

Then, Rat + Dog + Cat = 27

We can also write this

Cat + Rat + Dog = 27 KG

So, The answer to Guess the weight puzzle is 27 KG.

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What is the answer to guess the weight puzzle?

Ans : 27 Kg

What is the answer to the cat rat dog puzzle?

Ans : 27 Kg

What is the meaning of “ Guess The Weight ” in Hindi?

Ans : वजन का अनुमान लगाएं ( Hindi translation of Guess the weight )

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7 thoughts on “Guess The Weight | Cat Rat Dog Puzzle”

  1. Let R, C and D be Rat, Cat and Dog respectively.
    R+C=10KG — (1)
    R+D=20KG — (2)
    C+D=24KG — (3)
    Solving simultaneously, Subtracting eqn2 from eqn3
    C=R+4 — (4)
    Substituting eqn4 in eqn1
    Substituting R=3 in eqn2
    Substituting D=17 in eqn3
    R+D+C = 3+17+7 = 27KG

  2. Ok, if the rat and cat wifi 10, the rat and dog weigh 20, dog and cat weigh 24 meaning the cat weighs 4 more than the rat making the rat 4 so 16 for the dog, 4 for the rat and and 6 for the cat. I get 16+6+4=26.???


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